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These glorious words throw light on the importance of education for Muslims. Plato once said “If you want to judge the standard of a nation; Judge the standard of its educational institutions and caliber of its teachers.

It is a great tragedy that we do not pay any attention towards the scientific education of our children. It has become the trend of our masses simply to get certificates and degrees by hook or by crook and then to join the education departments at any cost. That is why the habit of cheating has developed among students and their parents. Hence the standard of education has deteriorated. This is why we do not give full importance to the scientific education. Scientific education is impossible to get unless our students would not be able to speak and write english language fluently.

Keeping in view the above mentioned factors the Muhammadan Science College (MSC) Hajira Poonch Azad Kashmir was established in 1998 having full regard for pressing demands and the needs of the region particularly in such a situation when there was no science college for women at Hajira due to which the number of intelligent female students had been deprived of getting admission in science. They could not afford to take admission in the institutions situated in far off areas. Hence the MSC was a beam of light in the darkness. This is a unique institution in many respects, which gives first and fore most importance to Science, Computer, Islamic studies and current affairs. In this changing and revolutionary world the importance of English language as an international one cannot be ignored. Hence it needs to be taught in such a manner so as to enable the students to have command over it. MSC has a comprehensive package of teaching English language. This was done under the brilliant guidance of our Shaheed Ashiq Mehmood Khan who was the founder of MUHAMMADAN EDUCATION SYSTEM and Science College Hajira who embraced death in an accident. His vision was to bring a revolutionary change in education System in A.K in general and at Hajira in particular. A dynamic force was also on the back in the shape of Dr.M. Naeem Ahmed Khan, Tariq Mehmood Khan, Tariq Mehmood Minhas and Wajid Ali Khan.

Mr. Ashiq Mehmood Khan was, no doubt, a torchbearer. Now with the help of God and the untiring efforts of the staff, MSC has achieved the best results in the secondary & intermediate Board of Education Mirpur A.J.K in terms of prominent positions in the fields of medical science, computer sciences & engineering.

Inshahallah MSC will start a new era of excellence if the help of God and the co-operation of the parents remain with us.
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