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We have laid the foundation of golden future in the region.

My dear students, the positive results of such a true devotion not only the vision but these also bring revolution in the world. I hope for the very true devotion and hard work. The educational movement, which we had started in the year 1997and the targets fixed by us by the grace of Allah, is being achieved one by one.

Our target was to provide quality education, in the region, which was not famous once a time in the field of education. Today the private concept of competition has been started in its educational institutions and each institution is trying its best to lead other institutions in the field of imparting education to the young generation of this far-flung area. Its credit also goes to Muhammadan educational system. Our target was to achieve some position in the board to add something lofty to the fame of this area. So thanks God since 1997 till now the boards positions by the grace of Allah, have become the fate of this institution, our target was to impart Science education to students in Hajira and thanks God we have got this target to a greater extent.

Dr. Tariq Mehmood Khan
Principal / ED
Cell No: +92 346 5224 465
E-mail: dr.tariq@muhammadan.edu.pk

2009-10 Muhammadan Science College, Hajira - Poonch AJK
Telephone: +92 5824 462091
E-mail: info@muhammadan.edu.pk

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